The past two days I have been exploring and trying to capture Fez, Morocco as best as I could. During this time,  I have walked over twenty miles…up and down the streets of Fez, from morning till dark. I have seen and experienced many amazing things!
I have taken over a thousand photos and many videos and wanted to find one image that totally summed up what I have learned this week, and this is the one photo that tells the story of Fez, Morocco.
The first thing you may notice in this photo is the indescribable beauty that not only Fez, but most of Morocco possesses. There are  many costal cities, such as Tangier, that host incredible  beauty from the water, and on the other hand  there’s, Fez…surrounded by majestic mountains. Morocco is a beautiful country and Fez represents that beauty in the best way.
The second thing is the family. What’s more beautiful than nature itself…it’s family. This picture captures Morocco’s value for the family. Children are playing and their parents are watching them play…whole families enjoying the day just being together. Because of sin the Moroccan family structure may not be perfect (the same can be said of the States), but they place a high value on spending time together…a bond the family possesses cannot be taken lightly .I have never seen such a great family  atmosphere as I had in Morocco.
The last thing that I want to point out from this photo is the religion. You see the head coverings and muslim outfitting. They are a 99.9% muslim country that is completely lost in the lies of Islam. They are in desperate need of the gospel. They are great friendly people, but just like cultural Christians all across America they are lost and on their way to Hell.
I sat on an ancient wall built many centuries ago and gazed over this massive city (over 1 million people) and was heartbroken of the reality that these people are lost and without the gospel reaching them they  are going to spend an eternity in Hell. I pray you would consider what you can do to help the gospel reach the country of Morocco!