During my recent trip to Morocco I was able to spend time exploring the country and especially the city of Fez. I saw many things, but the thing that impressed me the most was the overwhelming family atmosphere throughout the city.

On the Saturday Evening when I was exploring the city and taking pictures it seemed everywhere I looked I saw children playing with parents happily watching, and often times the family as a whole just sitting together and doing nothing more than hanging out. This sight of family togetherness left me captivated since I had never seen a city so full of families enjoying each other’s company.

Fez, Morocco Park


It seemed no matter where I went I saw families together…they were in the park, kids playing with toys parents sitting on nearby benches soaking in their children’s excitement and amidst the families were large flower beds and beautiful palm trees. Together it was scenery I shall never forget.  Later I went up to the mountain to the overlook of the city and saw families together just enjoying the view and nice weather. Later that evening after the sun went down I walked back to the Medina (the ancient part of the city) and saw the large courtyards at the city gate flooded with people.

Simply there were people and families all over just being together. While the family atmosphere may be great in Morocco, the family structure definitely isn’t perfect. The families of Moroccans, just like Americans, are corrupted by sin and selfishness. These families need the Gospel, to be made whole by the work of Jesus.

The country as a whole is 99.99% Muslim, which means all these dads, moms, and children will die in their sins and spend eternity separated from God. This sad reality should motivate us to do everything we can to reach the country of Morocco and more countries like that all over the world.

Please pray for the work done in Morocco and pray about how God may use you to reach Morocco with the gospel.