“If Jesus is Jewish and is God then why don’t the jews believe?” 

This past week in our Desi Bible Fellowship class, we had a first time visitor and he asked the above question. We had a great discussion and we are praying for this man that he would continue to come and ask good questions like this that would hopefully lead to salvation!

Twice a month we lead a ministry at the assisted living home. We bring the teenagers from our church and they participate and run the service. We had our highest number of teenagers and youth workers last month with 36! This is a great learning experience not only for the teenagers, but for us also.

Please pray for us this week and the weeks to come as we make preperations to visit our contacts we have from the Indian Independence Day event. That The Lord would prepare hearts now and that they would take the step in visiting church to learn about The Lord and hopefully get saved!

For Christ,
Jeffery and Mackenzie Brown