There are a lot of things that have to be accomplished before our departure at the end of next month. Both my wife and I have several ministries that we have been leading and now are setting up new leadership while preparing to leave.

Our ministry at a local Assisted Living Home has been one of our favorite ministries we have been apart of for the past couple of years. It started as another preaching opportunity for myself and a couple other guys, but it has turned into a teen ministry. Every first and third Sunday we visit the Benton House of Alpharetta and there will be anywhere from 20-35 teens that come to minister. We will have 3-6 middle school and high school guys who will preach 1 to 10 minutes, there is a teen girl who plays piano, a teen guy who leads singing, and many other ministries that are done by the teens. This has been a great time to influence some young people to want to serve God and help them as they prepare for the service. Please pray for Mitch McCormack as he is preparing to take over this ministry.


The Desi Bible Fellowship (our Indian Sunday School class) has been a pleasure to be apart of and start up. We have seen tremendous growth in the class in the past few months and have seen God do great things through our class! This past week we had ten people in class as we looked in John Chapter six and saw Jesus as the Living Bread.

While we are disappointed to leave behind some ministries that we have loved being apart of we are excited to see what God has for us in the future. Please pray for us as we are raising money and aiming to leave by October 27th of this year! To find out how you can be involved click here!