We Made the Paper

Weekly Update 10/31/17

We finally made it to New Delhi, India! We are so excited to finally get here. We will be spending this first week recuperating from the flight and getting everything set up for our stay here in India.

We made the news paper on our first day in India! We had a mostly easy time with the flights, until the last one. The last flight had a hijack threat and bomb threat! During this time we had no idea what was going on. The plane had an emergency landing in Ahmedabad. We were taken off the plan and checked.


After they finished checking everyone on the plane, they took one guy into custody and sent the rest of us to a holding room. We spent the next several hours there until they had gotten everyone’s information. After 4 hours they released us, we went back through security, received new boarding passes and boarded the plan.


We arrived in Delhi about 8 hours later then we expected but praise God for the safety on our flight. We are excited to be here and can’t wait to get started in the ministry.

If you would like the full story on the “attempted hijacking” follow the link onĀ Times India.