Weekly Update!

November 7, 2017

Week one!

We had a great first week getting all settled into our apartment. We are starting to learn our way around this densely packed city but there is still much to learn.

Sunday was our first service at one of the churches started by the Roberts here in India. They had a great children’s program, english service, and Hindi service. They have five or six men training to be pastors, it is very very exciting to see what the Lord  is already doing here in New Delhi, India!

Today was our first day in language school! We each have a teacher and work one on one with that teacher to try and learn the Hindi language. We both enjoyed our first day but our brains were hurting by the time we finished. We are excited to one day be able to speak the heart language of the people here to share the gospel more effectively.

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Thank you again for praying and supporting us while we are here in India. We are so excited to be here learning from the Roberts family and learning what its like to live on the field.

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