We have had a very busy week. From celebrating Thanksgiving, to attending the first pastor’s conference here in Delhi, we have had a lot going on.

Pastor’s Conference¬†

Preaching Pastor's Conference

I had a great time sitting around with three Indian pastors, three missionaries, and two Indian interns. We got to hear a lot of great teaching from the pastors and the missionaries, and I think it was a good time of encouragement for all the pastors, those training to be pastors, and myself.


We also had a good time getting to hang out, have fun, and play a little badminton. It was an exhausting three days, but it was great to see this type of training happen first hand.


Then yesterday we were able to get together with the rest of the missionaries and celebrate Thanksgiving. We had a lot of traditional thanksgiving food, and a lot of fun eating and relaxing for the day.

Please be in prayer as we are looking to start a new ministry in the next couple of weeks.