As 2017 comes to an end my wife and I couldn’t help but think of all that God has allowed us to be apart of in this past year. We are so blessed to be living this life and we wanted to share some of the highlights of 2017 with you.


In March Mackenzie, James Birapaka, and myself started the Desi Bible Fellowship with a vision to reach Indians that live in the Atlanta/ Alpharetta area. We started off very small with the just three of us. God blessed us very much and we saw growth over the next few months and ended up with 11 before we left for India.

August was probably the most exciting month of the year for us. We prayed and planned about making a big event for Indian Independence Day (August 15th) for a few months leading up to it. We put a lot of work into promoting the event and a lot into making sure the event would be fun. We were overwhelmed with what God did that day. There were over 120 Indians guest who attended the Independence Day event and many of them heard the gospel for their first time.

Maybe the most exciting and biggest blessing that came from this day was a guy named Mohit. Mohit came with a lot of questions and was seeking truth about God. He faithfully attended the class every week after Independence Day, and always came with a lot of questions. Praise to God the questions lead to him trusting in Christ at our kitchen table one Sunday afternoon.  Since then he has been faithfully attending Vision Baptist Church!

Another great blessings from that day was a couple who started attending (the James family.) They have also been faithfully attending church and the class and helping out.

September we got approved by the Training Center  to go on our internship, and we chose to go to Delhi, India. God provided quicker and better then we could ever have dreamed and we were able to buy our tickets in just a couple weeks after we announced we were going. We serve a big God!

October is the month in which we left for India. Also in October we found out we are expecting our first child! We are so excited and can’t wait until June of 2018!

We are so grateful for how God has worked in our lives this past year and can’t wait to see what He has in store for us next year!