This week for our “Glimpse of India” blog we will be showing what some shops look like here in New Delhi, India. There are many different levels of shopping, from big malls to small shops. Here is a glimpse into what shopping looks like in India.


There are many different levels all throughout India. There are very rich people, middle class, and very poor. One way you can see the class difference is by the salons. You will have guys who cut hair on the side of the street, you will have family cheap salons, and very expensive mall salons.

Fruit Stands 

Fruit stands are a very important part of daily life in India. Most people will buy their daily from a fruit stand, and you can find them all over.

Meat Shops

Although many Indian are vegetarians there is still a large demand for meat. There are also many different meat shops, some on the side of the road, some in malls, some in markets. You can find meat shops almost anywhere.


Malls are becoming more and more of an important part of Indian life. In the past 15 years malls have popped up all over the country. There are places where there can be 3-5 massive malls right next to each other. Here are a few pictures of malls here in Delhi.

Night Market 

Night markets are a cool and exciting experience that happens here. One night a week every community will have their night market. Our night market is Thursday nights. You can buy fruit, dinner, cloths, cooking stuff, and many other things.


There are many random things that you can buy all over on the side of the road. Living in India you always need to keep a look out because there are things that you need will be in random places. Like getting key made, buying a helmet, getting your scooter repaired.