One of the things that hit us when we first got out of the airport is the amount of animals, and different animals that you find everywhere in the city. It is hard to give glimpses of India without showing the urban wildlife, so here we go!


This is probably the thing that shocked me the most about India, the amount of cows and water buffalo that roam the streets. You have main roads that experience heavy traffic and without a doubt there will be a decent size family of cows hanging out there. They will eat from trash, trees, and what little grass they can find.



Like many countries, India has street dogs. They are generally friendly, unlike some other places I have visited. I have even seen some kids playing with street dogs, other kids taking care of small puppies, and old dogs sitting near people that have shops on the streets.


Although monkeys are not everywhere, they are only in certain places, they are a part of many places of urban Delhi. The funniest monkey story we have was at Christmas time we went to a local old age home. During the service, while Das was preaching, tons of monkeys started running across the fiberglass roof making a loud sound. They were everywhere.

Farm Animals 

Many times on the outskirts of the city you will see shepherds, goat herders, and even water buffalos used for farming around. In our neighborhood you will see a guy who has some goats and he has to move them from place to place. It is crazy, but its the part of India where the village meets the city, and the part where you can’t tell the difference between the village and city.