Weekly Update

We had another great week here in New Delhi, India. God is continuing to bless the Saturday Bible study, we are continuing studying the language, and seeing God do cool things here in India.

Weekly Bible Study

This week we looked in Acts chapter 8 at the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. The eunuch saw water and wanted to be baptized, but Phillip told him that he needed to believe in Jesus, then he could be baptized. People are constantly trying to cover up with religious acts, in this case the eunuch wanted to be baptized.

The focus of the message was religious acts do nothing but cover up the problem that is sin. The lesson went really well and I believe that some of the guys are understanding why religion does nothing. Please continue to pray for those attending. We had two new visitors and three guys that returned. 

Church Sunday

We had one visitor that came with us to church this Sunday. His name is Ramheube Newme. He came to the Bible study and was looking for a church. He is a Christian man, please pray that he will continue to come and will grow and be a help to the church here in New Delhi.