Another thing that would pop out if you were to visit India is the way they do construction. When you see the different ways they transport material, build scaffolding, and construct buildings you will realize that Indians can do anything. It is so impressive the way they do things and the amount of work they do. We hope you enjoy a Glimpse of India’s construction this week.

Construction Supplies

They use many similar construction supplies that we would use. They use gravel, concrete, wood, brick etc. Many times they will move these materials to the construction site by bike (as we saw last week) or by truck. Once it is there, it is up to the workers to move it around by hand… or head.


Building Scaffolding 

Anyone who has ever built a building, painted a building, or repaired the outside of a building probably had some type of scaffolding. It was amazing getting to watch men build their scaffolding at the building across the street from us. They build and climb up to build the next level, and NO HARNESS. It takes precision and a great deal of balance to be able to do this.

Building Projects Metro Wide

Delhi is one of the largest cities in the world and recently many of the bordering cities have boomed and experienced the construction of massive buildings. Many of these buildings are abandoned projects, but many more will soon be filled with hundreds of families. There are also many infrastructural enhancements that are happening in these outskirt areas. New highways, high speed rail line, and roads are being built to accommodate the growing population.



As you could guess there are also many houses being built, rebuilt, and also torn down as the city continues to grow and become more modern. You have some luxury houses that are being build and also many simple brick and concrete houses. Here are a few pictures of houses being built.