We had another busy week, with a couple complications, but overall it was a great week!

We got a chance to experience an Indian hospital when Mackenzie got sick this week. She wasn’t able to keep down food, and was loosing weight. The doctor thought it would be best to admit her in the hospital so she could get fluids and medicine directly. God blessed and now Mackenzie is back to normal.

The hospital was great! They took care of Mackenzie and the baby very well. All of the staff was nice and efficient. The room was also comfortable and clean.

We are taking some time in our Bible study to look at the life of Jesus. Some of the regular visitors don’t know much about Jesus and what He did on earth so we are going to take some time to look at the life of Jesus.

Last week we looked at the birth of Jesus. We looked at Luke 2:8-14 when the angles told the shepherds about the birth of the Savior. It was an incredible experience to preach and teach the “Christmas Story” to people who have never heard nor read it before.

It is hard to explain how blessed it feels to tell people who have never heard the gospel the story of Jesus and teach them the Bible. Please pray for those attending the Bible Study. We had 7 guys, ages 15-28, and one women who came. There were also a few children who one of the helpers taught in another room.

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