We finished one of our wildest weeks of deputation! This past week we were in five different churches and drove 2,500 miles. We also had our craziest driving experience!

As we were passing through Christmas, Michigan on our way to New York, we came upon a wreck that had just happened. I decided to turn around in hopes of finding a side road bypassing the wreck. I turned off into what started out to be a road and later turned into an ATV/snow mobile trail. For the next two miles we went up and down hills, around curves through 8 inches of fresh snow. All was going well: we were laughing and having a good time, until we came to an abrupt stop. Apparently, I drove right into a huge mud puddle hole that stopped us in our tracks.  We tried a few things to get out of the mud puddle hole but with each try our situation became more dim.   We realized there was no hope of getting out on our own.  I called a tow truck to see if they could winch us out but due to the wreck we tried to avoid, they were tied up for the next six hours.  Plus, the cost to get us out of the mud puddle hole would be $600-$800. To further complicate our situation the gas was running low & temperature was freezing. So I walked a bit to see if I could see anything.  I saw that a town was one mile in one direction and another town two miles in another direction. 

As I walked back to the van to give us the bad news, we heard a motor off to the distance and eventually a guy pulled up in an ATV. He stopped and jumped out to see what we’ve got ourselves into and offered to help. He tried to pull us out and but the van did not budge. So he offered to drive us into town (Christmas town).  He had a better towing system at his shop. He dropped the kids and Mackenzie off at a gas station/hotel, and and we went back to get the mini van out. 

The gentlemen was able to get us our of the snow, and praise the Lord we are back on the road! 

Good news, the wreck had cleared up so we were able to take the main road. We made it safely to New York. We were able to spend Veterans Day with my dad who served in the Air Force during the first Persian Gulf War.