Weekly Update 01/21/2020

God gave us another exciting week of deputation.  Not only did we have three wonderful opportunities in Florida to present our burden for India, the church we were in on Sunday Morning took us on for support!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Between the midweek service and Sunday service, we had the opportunity to visit with family and friends in Mobile, Alabama.  We went to get into our van on Friday night and the automatic passenger side door slid right off of the hinges! We were in a bind: we weren’t sure how long the mechanics would need to put the door back on the hinges and didn’t want to miss our meetings on Sunday.  Our only choice was for me to drive the van with the door in the trunk back home Friday night (This took 5 1/2 hours) and switch out with the car to drive back to Mobile, Alabama Saturday morning. Thankfully, we got to our meetings on Sunday and the auto body shop put the door back on the van without costing us anything.  The door still does not work but at least we can use the van on deputation.

Please continue to pray that we would be able to break 50% of our needed support in February. Currently, we are a little over 43% so just 7% away!