Weekly Update – 2/4/2020                                                                     February 4, 2020

This Mississippi River is the most known river in North America. It’s significance is stated in many different books, poems, and early American writing. The act of crossing the Mississippi signifies the crossing from the east to the west. 

This past Sunday we had two meetings, one in Tennessee and the other in Arkansas. Of course, to get to our Sunday evening meeting we crossed the famous Mississippi River. Both our meetings were great, but as we crossed the river I was reminded of another famous river, the Ganges River. 

The Ganges River is a river in India, similar to the Mississippi, crosses almost the entire country. The Ganges is also worshipped in India as a god. Hindus believe by washing themselves in the Ganges river they are able to wash away their iniquities. 

The people of India need to know of the ONE true God who only has the ability to wash away iniquities. Please continue to pray for our family! We are planning on leaving at the end of the year and still need about half of our support!