City of Emphasis: Srinagar, India

Did you know that India has the third-largest Muslim population globally? The only two countries exceeding India by roughly a tenth are Indonesia and Pakistan. Experts insist India will be the most populated Muslim country in the world by 2050.

Even though Muslims are scattered throughout India, the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) has nearly 70% Muslim population! The largest city and the summer capital is Srinagar, which is 96% Muslim!

Srinagar is a very beautiful city surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, lakes, and gardens. It is known to have snowy winters and warm summers, which makes for a popular vacation spot among Indians. Within all this beauty, there are 1.2 million people!

The people of Srinagar are mostly Muslim, but there is a small percentage of Hindus (about 3%.) The Christian population of the city is only 0.21%. I do not know of any gospel-preaching church in the whole city.

There is a great need in this city for gospel preaching missionaries, as I currently do not know of any missionaries in the city. The language spoken is Urdu, which is very similar to Hindi, except they use the Arabic alphabet.

Even though India is the third-largest Muslim country, and Srinagar has over 96% Muslims, I have never heard of any church planting missionary endeavoring to reach the Muslims of India. Would you please pray with me that God would send laborers to the Muslim harvest in India?