Weekly Update – March 17, 2020

We were in California last week for three consecutive missions conferences. Our final conference of the trip was canceled due to government regulations of group gatherings. We were disappointed by the cancellation but praised God we were able to participate in two great mission conferences. Again, the goodness of God is greater than any difficulty because the church that was forced to cancel decided to partner with us in our endeavor to reach India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With the cancellation of the third meeting, we were able to change our flight and come home early.

This week has been the most unusual kind of week since we started deputation. The well known “Coronavirus” made it to America. Federal, state and local municipalities have created layers of guidelines and emergency protocols to reduce the spread of the virus. These guidelines and protocols, along with the fear of spreading the virus, has made everyone’s life more difficult.

We are typically in a meeting, unpacking from a meeting, or packing for another meeting. However, this is nothing like a typical week. Instead of being busy at conferences, we are home waiting out the virus like everyone else. Please pray that the virus will soon be a thing of the past so that we can resume our efforts in raising partners for India.