Weekly Ministry Update

September 1, 2020

After months of slow down, we had a very encouraging week on deputation. Not that meetings are as consistent as before the pandemic, but we have had at least one meeting a week for the last few weeks.  

This week we were at a church in my hometown city of Cincinnati. Even with the pandemic, God has blessed this church in a variety of ways. I was allowed to present our burden for India during their Sunday school time. At the conclusion of Sunday school, the church voted to take us on for support starting next month!

With the pandemic, raising support has been a struggle.  We were at 48% in February and received just 2% of additional support since then.  However, PRAISE GOD that we are now at 50%.  Much like many other people, the pandemic has pushed us to be more patient waiting on God.  We appreciate our support more than ever before from all of our supporting churches.  Knowing you are going through some of the same strains in ministry that we are on deputation.  Words cannot describe how excited we are to be over 50% and see churches taking us on for support.  Please be praying for our family as we seek to get to India next year!