The city of Guwahati is located in the North East Region of India. This region of India has more Christians per capita than any other area. Some states, such as Nagaland and Mizoram, are ninety percent Christian. Unfortunately, the gospel has not completely spread through the North East region. In Guwahati, the largest city in North East India, only 0.93 percent claim Christianity!

Guwahati resides along the Brahmaputra River in northeastern India. Its increasing population makes it the fifth fastest-growing city in India. The city is also quickly advancing with shopping malls, an international airport, and elevated buildings.

Guwahati is a major port city and the state of Assam’s sole commercial center. Industries widely vary from tea processing to the milling of agricultural goods. The state of Assam is also known for its flooded plains and diverse wildlife. Animals sighted regularly include rhinos, elephants, tigers, bison, and more!

There is most definitely a shortage of Bible-preaching churches in Guwahati. In a city of over ninety-nine percent non-Christian, so few people have ever heard the gospel. They don’t know of a God who loves them. They don’t know that God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross and pay for their sins. They don’t know of the everlasting life God offers when they accept Jesus’ gift of salvation! No one has told them.

Would you consider giving your life to reach the dying people of Guwahati with the gospel? Will you pray that God will raise more laborers to go into His harvest?

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