The city of Siliguri is known as the “gateway” to the North East because of its specific location. The city is positioned in an area where travelers must pass through to access further parts of India. The Mahananda River runs along the outskirts of the city and the peaks of the vast Himalaya Mountains can be viewed on a clear day. 

Siliguri is famous for its’ three “T’s” which are timber, tourism, and tea. The ambitious tea gardens are thoroughly scattered among the city. The famous “toy train” offers tourists an opportunity to see the area in depth. It travels from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling, covering around fifty-four miles. That is impressive!

The people of Siliguri speak the same language as the people in Bangladesh, which is Bengali. There is only one known Baptist church in the city and it only holds English services. Therefore, the majority of the Bengali-speaking people of Siliguri don’t have a church in their language. 

Siliguri is also within close proximity of three different countries, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. This means that a ministry here has the potential of not only reaching India, but three other countries as well! 

The opportunity in Siliguri is tremendous. So many people could be reached with the Gospel! Would you pray that people would be sent to this city to proclaim the name of Jesus? Would you consider giving your life to see souls saved in Siliguri?