India is a very vast country. It has different cultures and experiences. The cities are vastly different from the villages. During our time in India my wife and I had the opportunity to visit a couple villages in India.

Once we got outside the major cities we started to quickly realize the incredible difference in the village settings. Instead of blending into the bustling city of Delhi, we were now the only foreigners many people had seen before. People would run up to our car and take pictures with us in the background when stopped at a traffic light.

The first stop we made was at a larger village. Word had gotten out that there were foreigners in the area. People started to gather from all over and even stood outside the house we were in. As I saw this crowd that grew to over 50 people, my mind was consumed with the thought, “If I could only share the gospel with these people in their language.”

These people have never heard the gospel before. They were gathering because something unique was happening. But what if I could speak Hindi and talk to them about Jesus? 

The country of India will soon be the largest in the world. About 72% of the people live in the villages outside of the major metropolitan area. Sadly, so few people are going to reach the villages of this enormous country. 

Would you please pray that God would send laborers to the villages of northern India. There is a great opportunity to share the gospel, but virtually no one is going.