The caste system is a process of dividing people based on karma (someone’s past actions in a previous life affect the outcome of their current life) . It is an ancient form of categorizing society’s members, and is believed to be over 3,000 years old. The caste system orders the different jobs Hindus can work and the social lifestyles they make partake. 

Castes are arranged in hierarchical order, which allows how members greet and interact with each other. Though they used to solely be based on personality, as time has passed, birth and occupation have been introduced into the system. 

The caste system has been arranged into four different classes: Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. Brahmana is the highest class which consists of knowledge, including priests and teachers. Kshatriya relates to public service. Vaishya consists of businessmen participating in commercial activity such as farmers, merchants, and traders. Lastly, the lowest class Shudra is for the slightly capable and incompetent workers. 

For example, the descendants of those who built the Taj Mahal still upkeep it today. Another example is that those who give boat rides along the Ganges River are descendants from those who did the same and are apart of the same caste.

When the British took rule and began to colonize India they saw the caste system as an intriguing part of culture. At first the believed it was similar to their class system, but soon realized it was not close at all. The British then sought to exploit the caste system to cause class warfare, which would help keep the people under their rule.

Even though the caste system is technically illegal today in India, it is still prevalent. People live their lives trying to do good so that in the next life they can be in a “better” caste. We know, however, there is only one life we live on earth and an eternity we will spend either in heaven or hell. We also know that our good works do not determine where we spend our eternities. Sadly, the people of India do not know these truths. Please pray that more laborers will go to India to share the truth of the Gospel with the lost and deceived Indians!