Weekly Update January 12, 2021

We had a very encouraging week as we were able to have multiple meetings! It has been over a month since we have had several meetings in a week as cancellations still plague our calendar. We were able to be with a church in South Florida on Wednesday and a church in Tennessee this past Sunday. 

Both churches gave me the opportunity to preach and share our burden for India. They were very receptive of the message and both churches had a great heart to reach the world with the gospel! The pastor we were with Sunday evening said he had never viewed India like the way I described it and said he would be praying for more laborers.

I would like to invite you to check out our website as every Friday we are posting a new article about India. The goal of these articles is to help inform Christians in the states about India and how to better pray for the lost country. Please give it a look and remember to pray for more laborers for India!