Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with over 1.2 billion followers. One of the oldest religions in the world, experts believe it is 4,000 over. Interestingly enough, 95% percent of those who adhere to Hinduism live in India. But you might ask, what do Hindus believe? 

Hinduism is a vast and complex system of beliefs. They believe that Brahman, the one true God who is formless, limitless, and all-inclusive is truth and ultimate reality. Their holy texts are known as the Vedas, which are written in an ancient Sanskrit-based language that is not spoken by many. They also believe in reincarnation. Specifically, that souls are immortal and will keep being reborn unless they achieve Moksha (the liberation from the cycle of death). 

The outcome of their rebirth is dependent upon the actions of their previous life, karma. If the thoughts and actions of their past life were good, their next life will be full of prosperity and blessing. If the thoughts and actions of their past life were bad, their next life will be full of suffering. Karma does not offer the chance of forgiveness, but adds up the good or bad actions which determine the consequences. 

Hindus have four main goals and purposes in life. The first is Dharma, which is living a moral lifestyle and having good behavior. The second is Artha, which entails success and abundant wealth. The third is Kama, which is pursuing happiness and pleasure in any way. And lastly, Moksha as previously stated, entails salvation and escaping the cycle of death. 

India is a country full of people who have a belief that cannot offer forgiveness. We serve a God who died on the cross to give forgiveness to all who ask. Would you please pray with us that God would send more laborers to go to India and share the forgiveness of God with them?