Weekly Update – January 26, 2021

Nearly six years ago I moved down to Georgia to begin studying at the Our Generation Training Center to be a missionary. God used this training greatly in my life. Men like Robert Canfield, the director of the OGTC, and pastor Austin Gardner  influenced me in a big way by teaching me ministry, preaching, and various other skills. 

When I moved down, housing for students was scarce. I remember I moved into someone’s basement for a couple weeks, before I was able to move into someone else’s garage. Finding housing for students has always been a challenging chess match. In the past six years, God has continued to work in the Training Center and there are now even more young people studying to be missionaries. 

The problems that were there when I was studying are still there today, but God has been working mightily over the last year to help us grow our influence. Last year God blessed us with 69 acres of land that is already paid for. We are begging God to touch the hearts of people and churches to give to help with the building that will be constructed on the land.

We are currently asking churches if they would pray about taking up a special Easter offering this year (April 4). This offering would to build a building on the land. This building would operate in several ways including dorm rooms for students, classrooms, and offices so that the Training Center would be able to train even more missionaries to reach the world with the gospel.

Would you please pray with us that God would help us raise the money necessary, and both churches and individuals would give as God leads them? You can find more information about what God is doing and how you can be involved at Www.BCWE.org/ogeo/