William Ward was a man who used his gifts for the furtherance of the gospel. Working alongside missionary William Carey, Ward is responsible for printing the Bible into several languages as well as printing countless missions books. Certainly, Carey would not have been able to accomplish all he did without the help and skill of William Ward. 

Ward was born in 1769 in Derby, England. As a young man, he was an apprentice to a printer and showed much promise of his skill that he was promoted to editor of the famous paper, Derby Mercury. However, it wasn’t until twenty-seven years old that he made the most important decision of his life. He recognized his sin towards God and called on the name of Christ to be saved. He was later baptized and became a minister. 

William Ward and William Carey crossed paths right before Carey began his journey to do mission work in India. As the two became acquaintances, Carey said, “If the Lord bless us, we shall want a person of your business to enable us to print the Scriptures; I hope you will come after us.” After years of thought and conviction, Ward decided to go to India and be apart of the Serampore mission. 

Ward spent nearly twenty years in India, printing Bibles into obscure languages, printing countless mission books, and even wrote and published his own book illustrating Hindu customs. God used him in a mighty way so that India’s people could read the word of God in their language. Because of Ward and Carey’s obedience, many came to faith in Jesus Christ. 

Have you considered how you might use your talents and gifts to serve God? Have you surrendered to whatever God has called you to do? Ward was a simple man with a heart to serve God and an ability to print. Because of his obedience and submission to God, many peoples’ eternities were forever changed. 

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