Shimla is a beautiful city in India that resides along the Himalayan mountains. It is the capital of the state Himachal Pradesh and is home to around 170,000 people. Shimla welcomes a countless number of tourists as it is one of the most popular hill resorts in the northern region of India. 

The beauty and activities of the city are endless. The architecture of the buildings, for instance, is colonial and cause many people to admire its’ charm. The city is encompassed by forests, providing scenic and calm walking trails. Common activities in the city include riding the renowned toy train and visiting The Mall. 

Though this city offers exciting experiences and breath-taking views, the sad reality is that     0.62% of the population are Christian. 99.3% are without Jesus. People who live in or visit this city may find happiness, but only momentarily. They have no true peace, which is peace with God. They have never heard of Christ who can save them and gives eternal life! There are hardly any people going to tell them the good news. Will you please pray for this city? Will you pray for missionaries to be raised up to take the gospel to the people of Shimla?