Weekly Update – February 16, 2021

We are very excited to resume traveling after a week of cancellations. Early last week we drove up to Ohio and I was able to preach at the church my wife grew up in on Wednesday. They were one of our first supporters and and have continued to be a huge blessing to our family.

On Saturday Kenzie and I flew across the country to the mountain west. When we landed, we heard that a greater than expected snow storm caused the church we were with to have to cancel their services. Thankfully our Wednesday meeting was able to switch so we could still go to both.

After we got off the plan we began our 14 hour drive from Boise, ID to Rapid City, SD. We were with a church we have already had the opportunity to stop in this past June. The pastor was a great encouragement to us and gave me the opportunity to preach and present our burden. We are thankful for God’s provisions and keeping us safe during the snowy drive.