Buddhism is one of the minority religions in India, with less than one percent of the population adhering to its ordinances. Interestingly, Buddhism began in India during the sixth century B.C.

The man who founded this religion and was later named Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama. Though Gautama was born into a wealthy family as a prince, he was always aware of the world’s suffering and pain. He purposefully decided to forsake his comfortable lifestyle and take on a life of poverty. One night after his son’s birth, he decided to forsake his family and the life he knew to begin his enlightenment. He set out to live a destitute lifestyle. When he was not satisfied with this way of living, he created the “Middle Way,” the middle ground between these two lifestyles. Gautama spent six years searching for peace and purpose and finally achieved a spiritual level called enlightenment. He lived the rest of his life as a teacher, showing others how to reach this state as well.

The followers of Gautama decided to gather his teachings and make it a religion when he died. Within the next couple hundred years, the religion of Buddhism would make its way all over India and spread across many countries in Asia. Today seven countries are mostly Buddhist and countless others that have a large minority of the religion.

Buddhism has deceived hundreds of millions of people worldwide and thousands of people in India. Many different religions have started in India, several with many other religious beliefs. Please be praying for this country that they will no longer seek truth in a “new religion” but rather in the one true God.