About a month into the Indian ministry that we started at our home church, I realized how difficult it was to preach the gospel to Indian people in the states effectively. We would go door-knocking every week in densely populated Indian neighborhoods, but it didn’t seem like much was being accomplished. When we started the Indian ministry at our church, we desired to get the gospel into the lost Hindu and Muslim communities.

I realized fairly soon that we would have to find a creative way to reach the Indian people. One day, I took my friend home and we discussed possible strategies to try to grow our class. We decided to celebrate a holiday and chose Independence Day.

India has their Independence Day on August 15th every year. Just like in America, they celebrate their independence from England. This isn’t the most celebrated holiday in India, given the countless other popular holidays, but this holiday allowed us to celebrate Indian culture without celebrating Hinduism.

When I first mentioned this idea to our Indian class at the church, it was met without expectation for success. Many in the class didn’t even think it was worth the time to do it. My budget for the event was low, so I was left to raise money from friends to fund the event. No one thought many, if any would come.

We began to publish this event any way we could. We would place posters at many Indian grocery stores and pass out invitations as we went on outreach. We put advertisements on Facebook in different Atlanta Indian groups. We were begging God to bring in people, realizing it would take a miracle to get non-Christian Indian people into a church.

The night of the event arrived. It would be the church’s first “Indian Independence Day Event.” We honestly prayed that at least 25-30 people would come. I only ordered food for 50 people. That night God far exceeded our expectations, and over 120 Indian people went through the doors of our church!

Out of those people who came and registered, 21 of the 32 families had NEVER been to a church before! This was their first real experience with a church and possibly Christianity. We gave each family a tour of our building, explaining each room’s purpose and why we do what we do at church. We had food and festivities. Then at the end, we had the most important part of the event. I was able to stand and preach the gospel to over 120 Indian people, most of whom had NEVER heard the gospel before.

The fruit our church saw from this single event was unbelievable. Our class began to grow, and not just with Christians but also Hindus. Indian people would filter through the church over the next couple of months, asking for tours that they had heard about from their friends. Most importantly, one man was saved as a result of this event!

I say all this to say nearly everyone in America lives near Indian people. We do not realize that many of these people have never had a real experience with Christianity or a church. We honestly may be the only chance for them to hear the gospel.

What are we doing as Christians to reach these people in our area? What are we doing as churches to reach the community, which for many would include Indian people? We stepped out in faith and saw God work a miracle. God could greatly use you and your church to reach many people for Christ.

If you would like more information about this event or other events your church could host, please feel free to reach out to me using the contact form found on this website.