The festival of Holi is an exciting celebration that takes place in India. Often referred to as “the festival of colors” and “the festival of spring”, this lively event takes place as flowers and plants begin blooming and colors emerge. Holi represents the arrival of spring and signifies the victory of good versus evil. 

The celebration begins the night before when pyres, which are structures used to burn bodies, are lit. This is done to symbolize evil spirits being burned, or defeated. The next day, towns become bathed in color as people gather together and throw colored powder around the area. Colors such as red, yellow, and green are used as they represent love and fresh starts. The joyous event continues as people engage in water games. As the festivities come to a close, a beautiful meal will be shared among families. 

Holi is deeply rooted in Hindu traditions and beliefs that are not of God. Their religion is so far from the truth. Please pray for missionaries to go to India and share with them the truth of God’s word.