Amy Carmichael was one of the boldest and compassionate witnesses India would see. She was born in Northern Ireland in 1867. She was raised in a Christian family but didn’t come to faith in Jesus until she was fifteen years old. Tragedy struck when she was eighteen when her father became very sick and passed away. She took on much responsibility and helped care for her mother and her younger siblings for the next ten years.

From a young age, Carmichael was heavily burdened for those less fortunate. She and her pastor would weekly visit young girls working in the slums. These girls worked extensive hours in terrible conditions and made little to no money. Carmichael had a heart for these girls; so much so that she shared the love of Christ with them, began teaching them the Bible, and took them to church.

As life continued to go on, Carmichael faced difficult circumstances. The family was close to bankruptcy and moved to a small, filthy apartment in a poor area of town. She also experienced a painful disease that made her body extremely weak and resulted in her being bed-ridden for weeks. To maintain her health, she decided to move in with the Wilson family. She first heard Hudson Taylor preach at the Keswick Convention, and she felt the Lord calling her to the mission field. After a time of questioning and steadfast prayer, Carmichael surrendered to God’s will for her life as a missionary on the foreign field.

She was first sent to Japan along with three other women. She was a bold witness for Christ and led many souls to the Lord. It was said that she had brought more to faith in Christ in weeks than long-term missionaries had within a year. She truly showed the love of Christ and shared the gospel with anyone who would listen. As her disease continued to worsen, she had to leave Japan because of the climate.

Carmichael was later invited to be apart of a church in South India. She was determined to learn the language and culture. She passionately witnessed everywhere she could and won many souls to Christ. Differing from Japan’s mission field, she noticed that countless girls and women would be seeking relief from their lifestyles of prostitution in the temples and would come to faith in Jesus.

As Carmichael became more aware of the wicked practice of child slavery in the temples, she knew she had to do something about it. She started an underground orphanage and took in as many children as possible, rescuing them from their miserable lives in the temples. She loved them as her own and showed them how they could become sons and daughters of God.

Amy Carmichael would spend the rest of her life in India, sharing the gospel with lost and broken people and caring for children. She was a bold witness and had a compassionate heart for those suffering and in need of a Savior. Sadly, so many people in India have yet to hear of the love of Christ and how He has made way for them to be saved. Please pray that more people like Carmichael would go to India, have compassion on the lost, and show them the way of salvation.