The Sindhi community takes the festival of Cheti Chand very seriously. It is a time of celebrating the new year’s arrival and reverence to Jhulelal, the god of water. The festival’s main event takes place when people gather together at the Sindhi river to worship Jhulelal and commemorate his birth.

Jhulelal is the Godhead of the Sindhi faith and is worshiped by people worldwide in places such as India and Pakistan. Jhulelal is believed to provide protection to the people. This god promoted kindness, unity, success, and most ironically, truth.

The festival continues with ceremonies and observances as well as fresh starts for businessmen who rejoice over the beginning of a new year. Large meals are prepared and shared among families. The festival comes to a close when lamps and foods are carried down to the river for a celebration of the birth of Jhulelal.

Cheti Chand is a festival that reflects joy and happiness but is truly deceiving. Sadly, many in the Sindhi community have never heard of the one true God has done for them. Please pray that the light of the gospel will shine in India and for more people to be raised to take it there.