Rama Navami is a festival that millions of Hindus participate in worldwide. Many come together to commemorate the Hindu god Lord Rama’s birth and the victory he wrought of good over evil. Traditions from old are carried out and much effort is put into the festival to give Lord Rama the honor he deserves.

Lord Rama is believed to be a reincarnation of the supreme god Lord Vishnu. It is his birth that represents divine power coming down from heaven to earth. It is thought that he came to conquer the demon king Ravana. Hindus believe that Rama was born, defeated all evil forces and spirits, and brought goodness and restoration.

There are many traditions and customs that play a role in how Rama Navami is celebrated. The festival begins with fasting. Throughout the day, prayers and worship are offered to Rama as well as incense. The story of his triumph is read aloud. A ceremony takes place where the youngest girl in the family puts teeka on every family member’s foreheads. They pray to the gods and throw rice and water on them. The worship continues and songs are sung. The festival ends with a lavish feast shared among the family.

Rama Navami is to please the gods through their acts of honor and gratitude, but according to the Bible, the gods cannot hear them. Those who follow these gods know nothing other than the traditions and customs passed down through their families for centuries. They have no knowledge of Jesus Christ and what He did for them on the cross. We need more people to give their lives to tell those in India the truth of the gospel. Would you pray for more laborers? Would you consider giving your life so that others can come to faith in Jesus Christ?