What is Indian culture? India has a very rich and diverse culture. India is often thought of as one nation and one culture, but in reality, India contains many different “nations” formed into one country. The various states in India will have differing languages, customs, and foods, which greatly affect culture all over the nation. The south is radically different than the north, and the northeast is basically a different country all together.

One of the main aspects of Indian culture is that it is a very strong family emphasis. Often times extended families will live together. The sons will not leave, and when they get married they will all stay in the same house. The father will remain the leader of the household until he passes. They respect their parents very much, and it is highly insulting to place elderly parents in a nursing home (or old age home as they are called in India.)

Another aspect of Indian culture is that much pride is taken in their country. Every year for Republic Day, thousands will gather at the nation’s capital. Millions will watch on their televisions as India shows its military might through its annual Republic Day Parade. The national anthem is sung at attention with either your arms to your side or by saluting. Another portrayal of how Indians show their love for their country is that the national anthem will play before every movie at the theater, every sporting event, and many public gatherings.

India’s rich and diverse culture is full of tradition. Because of strong beliefs and customs, it inevitably appears different than cultures all around the world.

Learning and understanding India’s culture is significantly essential in the endeavor to reach them with the gospel.