Every year on April 14th, Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated in India. This day is a regional holiday where people all over India will get together to remember this man and all he did for their country. Jayanti is most often known as “The father of the Indian Constitution.” He was a beloved statesman who brought about change for the Dalits social class as well as other classes. Through his compelling speeches, he publicly made known the inequalities and unfair treatment the Dalit class experienced and actively set out to remove the stigma accompanied with this class. He spent his life fighting for the rights and freedoms of the Dalits. He later was titled the first law and justice minister and died as one of the most honored people of the time.

This mortal man Jayanti, was a hero. Though it may have seemed like he brought peace to a countless number of people, it was not everlasting. True peace cannot be found outside of Jesus Christ. Please pray that more missionaries would be raised up to take the message of peace to India!