Amritsar is a city located in northwestern India. In this city, one of the grandest and elaborate buildings was built, surrounded by still waters. It was built as a place of solace and peace, as well as a place for meditation. This site would summon weary people from all over. This site would be believed to offer tranquility and newness. This place would later become the main worship site for the Sikhs. But this is not just a building, this is a temple.

The Golden Temple, consisting of some of the most expensive materials and substances, was a place discovered by the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, and later built by his followers. The temple holds the Guru Granth Sahib, which are scriptures made up of prayers, songs, and poems written by heroes of the Sikh religion. At the temple, Sikh followers gather together and shout songs all day and night. They will also plunge themselves into the surrounding water, in hopes that this act will remove their sin and replenish their souls. Not only is the temple a place of comfort, but also a place of acceptance. All people no matter the skin color, religion, or gender are welcomed for a free meal.

This Golden Temple has deceived so many people. People cannot coexist and find peace together different from different sources. Peace does not come from empty worship. Peace does not come from dead works. Peace comes only from Jesus Christ. Because no matter the works one can do, they still fall short to God’s glory. God looks at our works and sees filthy rags. But God, in his love and mercy made a way for salvation, discluding works. He made a way so that if we trust in Christ’s finished work on the cross we receive everlasting life. And the most misunderstood truth is that it is all by grace, through faith! Please pray that the eyes and hearts of the Sikhs would be opened to the glorious gospel and that more people would give their lives to share this truth.