Miles Bronson was a missionary who spent much of his life ministering in Assam, India. He was one of the first American missionaries to work in the cities of Sadiya and Jaipur. Though he accomplished many things, his main effort was to evangelize the tribal people with the gospel of Christ.

When he began witnessing to the tribal groups, he quickly realized that many of them only spoke Assamese. He learned the language and after spending much time with them, learned the culture. One of his main accomplishments was that he was able to translate the Bible in Assamese as well as the first Assamese to English dictionary. He went on to write many books based on his experience with these people and his interactions with them. He also started several schools in Assam. Miles Bronson Residential School is one of the schools that he instituted that was named as a memorial to him. This school is presently one of the most renowned boarding schools in North-Eastern India.

Miles Bronson was responsible for getting close to one of the most unknown and untouched tribal groups. His works have lasted centuries and his witness of Christ has impacted eternity. Would you be willing to give your life for the sake of the gospel? Would you give your life to make an everlasting impact?