The city of Haldwani is the second-largest city in the state of Uttarakhand with over 340,000 people. Haldwani is deemed the state’s financial capital, as it is responsible for the majority of economic and commercial activities. It is also a very popular vacation spot due to its’ beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, and ancient buildings.

Haldwani is often referred to as “heaven on earth” because of its’ vast forests and breathtaking mountains. Tourists from all over will travel to this city to admire its’ charm. Tourists visit places such as Sanjay Van and Gaula Barrage to enjoy incredible views of greenery and rivers. Hedakhan Ashram, a pilgrimage site, is also a commonplace to visit. This site was built in honor of Haida Khan Baba, a famous follower of the Hindu god Shiva. The monastery is a tranquil place where Hindus will go to meditate. Another place tourists will visit is the Sitla Devi Mandir. This is a very popular temple as it is one of the oldest in the region. Innumerable crowds of people will gather here to worship and present offerings before the goddess Durga.

Haldwani is a city of stunning landscapes and historical sites, but it is most definitely not heaven on earth. Rather, it is a place of deception and worship to other gods who do not have saving power. Please pray that missionaries will go to the needy city of Haldwani and that the people there would worship the one, true God.