It has affected India and the entire world tremendously. It has influenced the thoughts, actions, and culture of India and changed the film industry forever. What is it that has caused so much attention from people all around the world? Bollywood.

The film industry was brought to Bombay, India in 1896 by the Lumiere brothers. From there, it became the hub of cinematography and would later become Bollywood, the world’s largest film industry as it is responsible for producing the most films each year. Bollywood films are rich in culture and are distinctively different than other films in one main way: music and dance. Music and dance are of utmost importance when it comes to Bollywood movies. A famous film called “Indra Sabha” had nearly seventy songs in it! Much of the plot and storylines are told through expressive dancing as well as intricate costumes and props. Bollywood films are beloved and known all across the world.

But one question looms in my mind. What if the gospel had been introduced in 1896 instead of the film industry? Imagine if gospel preaching churches had been started instead of the huge film empire. Imagine if the city of Bombay was known for loving and serving the one, true God of Heaven. How different would things be today?

Sadly, this is not the case. The gospel has not reached Bombay and people are still living in darkness. Please pray for laborers to go into the harvest of Bombay and that the name of the Lord would be feared and glorified.