Firozabad is a city located in Uttar Pradesh and is home to nearly 846,000 people. The city is known for its vital and popular center for business as well as its strong cultural background.

Firozabad is commonly referred to as the “City of Glassware” because of its major glass production. For centuries, Firozabad has led the glass industry and has been visited by people from all over for its products. Its exquisite glasswork includes chandeliers, dinnerware, and the traditional bangles worn by women. As its products are transported and sold worldwide, the glass industry in Firozabad is significant to say the least.

While business thrives in Firozabad, so do Hinduism and Islam. Around 97% of the population of this city adheres to the practices of these religions. With mosques that are hundreds of years old, people have been plagued and deceived by false religion.

Religious traditions and customs have been instituted and in practice for so long. The percentage of people who identify as Christians is a devastatingly low number of 0.2%. With so few churches and missionaries in the city, the people of Firozabad have no way of hearing of the love of God and salvation He so freely offers. Please pray that the gospel would reach the desperate and dying people of Firozabad and that God would be glorified in this city.