William Bampton’s life counted. His life was impactful. Because of his willingness to serve God in any capacity, his life made an eternal difference. Bampton was the first missionary to take the gospel to a place where it had never been before: Puri, India.

When Bampton encountered Jesus Christ, his whole life was changed. He was baptized, became a church member, and began preaching the good news of the gospel. Just around two years later, he became the assistant pastor of a church in Sutterton. He later became the pastor of another church nearby village.

However, Bampton did not stop there. A couple of years later, he surrendered his life to foreign missions and joined the General Baptist Missionary Society! After a while of preparation and studies, Bampton and William Ward and James Peggs set sail for India.

After months of long and difficult travel, the group finally arrived in Cuttack, India, to start their ministry. They endeavored to preach the gospel and make Christ known among the lost and unbelieving people. When Bampton and his wife had overseen a few schools and learned the Orissa language, they relocated to Puri. Here they would attempt one of their greatest efforts: establishing a ministry close to a very large and popular temple, called Juggernauth.

Bampton set out to meet and boldly witness to the Hindu-believing people in Puri. Though he experienced mockery by some, others listened to him as he shared the love of Christ. He received ridicule from the Hindus and his fellow missionaries when he dressed the same way the natives did. In one of his letters, he wrote,

“My object in thus metamorphosing myself, is not to please myself, as some have supposed, and may still suppose, for I am more comfortable in my English clothes; but my object is to conciliate the people, to promote their salvation, and, defective as I am sure I feel myself to be, in zeal for this vast object,….”

It is evident that Bampton was willing to give and do anything if it meant that others would come to faith in Jesus Christ. He was faithful and bold to preach Christ to those lost in their sin and false religion. As a result of his stepping in faith to take the gospel to a foreign country, others did the same. Several other missionaries joined Ward, Peggs, and Bampton in the ministries they had started.

Bampton forsook his life to invest it in others’ eternities. Bampton was willing to be made fun of so Christ would be preached. Bampton denied himself for the sake of the gospel. Would you do the same?