Weekly Update August 10, 2021

Since finishing deputation, we are working on different events to grow awareness of world missions. This past week, I organized a weekend missions event at a church in Greensboro, NC.

A few months ago, a good friend began pastoring a church for the first time. He has great fire and a desire to see the world evangelized with the gospel and is moving the church to share the same vision. Thankfully we had a great turnout, several missionaries from different places in the world, special singing, and great preaching all geared towards world evangelism. The church left excited about doing more to reach lost people all around the world!

Continue praying for our paperwork situation. As you know, we are waiting on paperwork to be completed to go to India. Lord willing, we are leaving by the end of the year! I am waiting for my passport to be returned so I can begin the next step.