William Pettigrew was a British missionary with a desire to see the country of India saved. He accomplished many things, such as introducing Western education in the city of Hunphun, serving in the corps as a captain, and being a member of the Asiatic Linguistic Society. But his greatest efforts included translating the English Bible into the language of Tangkhul and reaching the Tangkhul tribe with the gospel. 

When William Pettigrew heard about Adoniram Judson in a church service, he felt a burden from the Lord and desired to be a missionary just like him. He surrendered to the country of India and arrived in 1890. From there, he started a school with twenty students and taught Western Education. However, he had a more earnest desire to teach them about Christ. In 1901, two of his students gave their lives to the Lord. But it did not stop there. Soon after, Christianity began spreading through the families, village, and even to the surrounding villages! This proves how God can put a desire in someone’s heart, fulfill it, and bring more children into his kingdom.

God still desires to save people in India today. He is looking for another William Pettigrew to show himself strong through. He is looking for someone who would leave all behind for the sake of the gospel. Would you give your life so that tribes who have never heard the name of Jesus would have the opportunity to come to a saving knowledge of him?