The day of Ashura is a day of remembrance and lament for a man the Muslims would call a hero. That man was Hussain ibn Ali. Hussain was the last prophet of Islam and the grandson of Muhammad, the father of Islam. On October 10th, 680 AD, Hussain was killed for holding fast to his principles and standing up for justice.

When the caliph Yazid rose to power, he began to rule selfishly and neglect the teachings and morals that were put in place. Hussain was unwilling to stand for harsh rule and corrupt government and would not adhere to his authority. However, Yazid understood how high and esteemed Hussain was in the community for his connection to Muhammad and desired others to see Hussain obeying his authority. Unwilling to compromise, Hussain decided to flee. When Yazid heard of what Hussain had done, he ordered 30,000 men to find and kill him. At the battle of Karbala, Hussain and his followers were surrounded by Yazid’s army and were killed one by one.

Muslims worldwide commemorate the death of Hussain and his stand for justice and how he so strongly held to his morals and principles. Pilgrims will travel to Karbala to honor Hussain and visit his shrine. Others will participate in chanting poems of Hussain and being especially kind to others.

While Muslims worldwide remember the man who gave his life for his values, many Muslims in India have never heard of the Son of Man who laid down his life for the sins of the whole world. Please pray that the gospel would reach the Muslims in India and worship Jesus Christ, who not only died, but rose again and has the power to save! Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross to bring the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life.