Jeffery’s Testimony

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.11.16 PMMy name is Jeffery Brown. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. At the age of fourteen, I was saved on a Tuesday night after a church outreach. While at the outreach, I was under very heavy conviction and knew that I was lost in my sins and needed to be saved. So after the outreach I went to my dad’s room and told him what was going on in my heart and was saved that night!

About a month before I graduated high school I went out with some of the men of my church and a visiting missionary on a special outreach and that missionary invited me to go to Morocco on a six week mission trip. I accepted the offer and over the next month watch God do crazy things to raise the money for me to go.

I graduated high school on May 27, 2011 and that Sunday I left with the missionary to head to Georgia for the Our Generation Camp, a five day camp we were required to attend before we left for Morocco. It was an awesome five days that revolutionized my life completely! I spent the five days being encouraged and challenged to do big things with my life by missionaries who were serving all over the world- from China, to Peru, to Morocco, to America, and many other places. I left that week knowing I needed to do something with my life and God could use me to do big things for Him.

We left for Morocco that Saturday after camp, and the next six weeks my worldview was expanded and I realized the real need of missions around the world. I had to opportunity to teach English, attend Arabic church services in a couple different cities, and preach the gospel to people who have never known a God of love and forgiveness. It was a great opportunity that I believe any Christian should take if given the opportunity.

After the trip my dad became the pastor of a church in southeast Indiana, I spent the next three and half years helping him while working in Indianapolis. Then in July of 2014 while at work God brought to my mind the time I spent at the camp and in Morocco and I knew He wanted me to serve Him in missions, so there on the dock I surrendered to missions and since then have not looked back.

I surrendered to missions and knew the best place to train would be at the Our Generation Training Center a ministry of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Ga. On April 2, 2015 my dream came to a reality when God worked out all the details and I was able to move down to begin training for the calling that God had placed on my life.

My time at Vision has been great. I have seen God do many great things in my life, and have grown more in the past year than I have at any other point in my life. Another great thing was God brought Mackenzie in my life, who I married on August 6, 2016.

I don’t know where God may lead me to serve and am praying for His direction, but I am spending my time trying to get to know Him more and train to be as effective of a missionary as possible. I am constantly looking for preaching opportunities and other ways to serve.