Mackenzie’s Testimony

I thank the Lord for allowing me to grow up in a Christian home. I was saved at the age of seven in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on a family vacation where my mom led me to the Lord.  In Jr. high I began to get very involved in my church’s youth group. Throughout my years in the youth group the Lord really worked in my heart to be in full-time ministry. I wasn’t sure in what area but I knew I wanted to serve Him with my life. 

At the end of my senior year of high school, I still wasn’t sure what the Lord wanted me to do. I got invited to help babysit at our missions conference orientation. I wasn’t excited about baby sitting, but it did allow me to miss a day of school. It was that day I was able to spend time with missionaries and get to know them. They were real people. I realized missions was something I could do. 

The Lord worked on my heart that week and gave me a huge burden for the world. During that week I surrendered my life to serve him as a missionary. After graduating, I moved down to Alpharetta, GA where I started my training. While there I met my husband, who also had a burden for the world. We were married in August of 2016 and are now on our way to India. We couldn’t be more  excited for how the Lord is directing us!