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Glimpse of India

The purpose of this is so that you can get a “Glimpse of India” as you see the pictures and read more about life in India!

World Evangelism

Here are articles about World Evanglism written by me or other people. 

Cities of Emphasis

There are many cities around India, and around the world, that have very little gospel influence. Here are some highlighted Cities. 

Weekly Update

Weekly Update – 07/27/2021

Weekly Update - July 27, 2021 This past week my wife and I were able to lead groups of young people for Vision’s World’s Cheapest Missions Trip. It is a week designed to be a multicultural missions trip that takes place in the Atlanta metropolitan area. We were able...

Weekly Update 07/13/2021

Weekly Update - July 13, 2021 I am learning that obtaining international documents is an extensive task. This past week I went to have some documents apostilled (an internationally accepted notarization.) Thankfully the agency that I used was very kind in helping me...

Weekly Update 07/06/2021

Weekly Update, July 6, 2021 It has often been said that the third time is the charm. Because of COVID, many of our meetings were canceled the summer of last year. Unfortunately, some of the meetings were not able to be rescheduled. However, this past week we were able...

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