Here you can find articles about India, updates on our family, and other blog articles.
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Glimpse of India

The purpose of this is so that you can get a “Glimpse of India” as you see the pictures and read more about life in India!

World Evangelism

Here are articles about World Evanglism written by me or other people. 

Cities of Emphasis

There are many cities around India, and around the world, that have very little gospel influence. Here are some highlighted Cities. 

Weekly Update

Weekly Update – 01/12/2021

Weekly Update January 12, 2021 We had a very encouraging week as we were able to have multiple meetings! It has been over a month since we have had several meetings in a week as cancellations still plague our calendar. We were able to be with a church in South Florida...

Weekly Update – 01/05/2021

Weekly Update - January 5, 2021 Every new year’s day is very exciting. This year is obviously more exciting than usual. As we look back on all that has happened in 2020 we realize that hardly anything went according to plan. Throughout 2020 many trials and...

Weekly Update 12/29/2020

Weekly Update - December 29, 2020  We hope you and your loved ones had a merry Christmas! I enjoyed spending time with my family and celebrating the birth of our Savior. I was also able to preach at a church near Cincinnati this past week.  God did a great work at the...

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