Here are some other great resources to check out to learn more about world evangelism and how you can get involved.


Home is a great website for blog articles by Pastor Austin Gardner and missionaries all over the world. It has podcast ( Leadership with Vision Podcast w/ Austin Gardner) and other resources that could be helpful for someone interested in learning more about missions and help for missionaries already on the field.

Vision Baptist Missions is a ministry of Vision Baptist church that works as a mission board serving missionaries across the world. There you will find more ways you can get involved in missions, events that are held, and missions trip that are hosted to countries like Bolivia, Peru, China, South Africa, Tunisia, etc.

The Our Generation Training Center is another ministry the Vision Baptist Church.If you are Thinking about training for full-time ministry but want more than some monotone professor giving you theory about what you should do four years from now? If you want a lively environment with one-on-one training from experienced missionaries who give you the practical know-how in only three years? Then the Our Generation Training Center at Vision Baptist Church is perfect for you.

The Our Generation Training Center offers a three-year accelerated program focused on giving you the skills necessary for full-time ministry and it’s not the usual college atmosphere.